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What we do

Emogi™ builds sentiment driven solutions for brands and publishers that increases engagement from consumers through the use of emojis

Measuring Beyond the Click

Real-time proprietary engagement analytics


Sentiment Metrics™

Emotion Index™


Relevancy Index™

Purchase Intent


Dwell Time

Click Behavior

For Brands

Brands run Emogi-enabled ad units on premium inventory in desktop, mobile, and video. Emogi-enabled ads receive unprecedented levels of engagement while collecting sentiment from consumers in real time.

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Understand your audience

Emogi’s dashboard allows you to view the performance of all of your campaigns in real time.

Use the dashboard to view the results of A/B splits and monitor trends while also comparing your Emotion Index™, Relevancy Index™ and dwell time against benchmarks.

Emotion Engine™

A proprietary patent-protected system that captures an individual's emotional reaction to various forms of content for the purpose of predicting future intent and action.

Research-Based Sentiment Analysis

Emogi™ leverages both data science and lab research to understand consumer sentiment



Sentiment Analysis

Topic Detection

Opinion Mining

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Predictive Modeling

Pattern Recognition

Optimization Algorithms

Experimental Surveys

Experimental Surveys

Emoticon optimizations

Improved engagement

Accurate sentiment



Galvanic Skin Response

Electroencephalography (EEG)

Electrocardiogram (EKG)

For Publishers

Add our emojis to your content and the rest is magic


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